Eye Exam in Red Deer

Eye Health Matters: What to Expect in an Eye Exam

The health of your eyes is important. While maintaining good vision is an important factor in your quality of life, regular eye exams can also help your optician detect deeper eye issues, including cataracts and glaucoma, as well as identify potential problems with your overall health, such as diabetes, tumours, and heart disease.

Whether you’ve never had your eyes checked or you’re on a first-name basis with your optician, knowing what to expect at an appointment can make the process much less stressful.

Here’s what to expect at your next visit to our Red Deer optical centre.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Prior to visiting Eyewear Experts, prepare a list of your current medications, vitamins, and natural health supplements. It’s also helpful to write down any questions you have about your vision and eye health and bring them with you. 

Be sure to also bring your current glasses and/or contact lenses.

During Your Eye Exam

At your appointment, your optician will start by reviewing your medical history and discussing any concerns you may have about your vision or eye health. They’ll perform several tests and assessments to determine the health of your eyes and vision. 

Tests may include:

  • Visual acuity: Your optician will have you read or describe a chart with letters, numbers, or shapes to determine how well you can see and read at a distance. 
  • Eye health: Using a variety of instruments, your optician will check the physical health of your eye, looking at factors such as muscle function, coordination, and general appearance of the cornea, lens, and retina.
  • Refraction: A tool called a phoropter will be gently placed in front of your eyes, enabling your optician to measure your eye’s movements and near-distance focal ability. 

In addition to these tests, your optician may perform other exams depending on your age, your concerns, and the date of your most recent eye exam. This may include testing your visual field or colour vision, pupil dilation, and tonometry to determine your intraocular pressure.

After the Exam

Once your optician has completed your exam, they’ll explain your results and let you know if you require a new prescription or changes to your current one. Depending on the health of your eyes and the prescription strength, you may be able to order contact lenses in addition to your glasses. 

If glasses or contacts are prescribed, our optometry assistants will help you select a style of lenses and take measurements to ensure a comfortable fit. 

If necessary, you’ll then schedule treatment or follow-up visits. 

Receiving Your Lenses

In most cases, your glasses prescription can be filled within one hour at our in-house eye lab using industry-leading eyewear technology to ensure accuracy and comfort. 

Schedule an Eye Exam Today

Trust your eye health to Eyewear Experts. We offer eye exams for:

  • Children of all ages
  • Adults
  • Seniors aged 65+
  • Diabetics

Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our Eyewear Experts optical centre in Red Deer.

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