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Comfortable Contact Lenses In Red Deer

Are you currently a contact lens wearer, or are you thinking of becoming one? At Eyewear Experts in Red Deer, we carry a range of high-quality multifocal contacts, contacts for astigmatism, monthly replacement lenses, and daily disposable and coloured contact lenses. Contact lenses give the wearer more comprehensive visual field access and unrestricted central and peripheral vision compared to spectacles, as the contact lenses are directly placed on your cornea.

Contacts are securely applied to your eyes and allow you to have the freedom to go about your daily tasks or hobbies as you normally would. Fog, steam, and water splashes will not obscure your vision. We welcome new patients as we have skilled professionals to teach you the “ins and outs” of wearing your new contact lenses properly.

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Find The Right Fit For Your Eyes

The wrong fit and type of contact lenses can be uncomfortable and lead to a serious eye injury. At Eyewear Experts, we make sure your contact lenses fit right, and you get the type that addresses certain conditions and provide the vision correction you need.

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Trial Fitting

We offer a trial fitting to make sure your contact lenses are comfortable. We can also give you tips on how to safely put your contact lenses in.

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Eye Exam

An eye exam allows us to measure your prescription accurately and determine the best style of contact lenses for you.

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Customized Options

Depending on your needs and use, we can recommend daily disposables, bi-weekly, and monthly options for contact lenses.

Customized To Your Lifestyle

With daily, bi-weekly, and monthly contact lens options, how do you know which one is right for you? Our team can help you decide the best option based on how you use your contact lenses and your prescription level.

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Daily Disposables

Known to be the most superior in comfort and wearability, daily disposables are becoming rapidly popular, especially for those who suffer from dry eyes.

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Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses

Bi-weekly contact lenses are ideal for patients who are looking at contact lenses as a permanent and complete replacement for their prescription glasses.

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Monthly Contact Lenses

Ideal for those with higher astigmatism in their prescription, monthly contact lenses are typically thicker in composition to make them more long-lasting.

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Tips For Taking Care of Your Contact Lenses

It’s vital to follow good hygiene with contact lenses. Irritated eyes will cause you to rub your eyes and face often, increasing the risk of germs and infections. Here are some easy tips to take care of your contact lenses and your eyes:

  • Keep them clean, and wash your hands every time you handle your lenses Always use lens care solutions, and never use bottled water or saliva to clean your lenses
  • Disinfect your lenses every day and clean the cases of your lenses every once in a while
  • Never sleep with contact lenses on as it increases the risk of eye irritation and infection
  • Check your contact lenses before wearing them for any dust or damage
  • Never share contact lenses, as it increases the chances of infection and lens damage
  • Refill your contact lens case with a new solution instead of adding more to any existing solution
  • Follow your eye doctor’s recommendations and adhere to the prescribed wearing and replacement schedule

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become one of the most popular forms of vision correction because of their convenience and ease. The technology with contact lenses has improved greatly over time, with modern lenses being more comfortable, safe, and affordable to wear. At Eyewear Experts, we can help you choose the best contact lens type, brand, and size for you.

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Enhanced Visual Comfort

Modern technologies have led to the introduction of contact lenses in different materials to promote eye health and improve your visual comfort.

Better and Wider Vision

With unrestricted central and peripheral vision, you have wider visual access with contact lenses as they are placed directly on your cornea. Wearing contact lenses can also reduce image distortions and glare reflections.

A Feeling of Normalcy

As contact lenses are directly placed on your eyes, you can go about your regular life with a sense of freedom. Unlike glasses, you can wear them for any weather without worrying about water splashes, fog, or steam, as they won’t obscure your vision.

Aesthetic Advantage

If you want to try a new look, you can choose from a range of different coloured lenses. It is advisable to consult an eye doctor when considering custom lenses to ensure that they are safe to use.

Brands We Carry

We carry some of the most stylish and trendy frames from the top name brands in the world. Express yourself and enjoy wearing your glasses in the latest designer styles.

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