Happy Holidays from Eyewear Experts

Happy Holidays from Eyewear Experts

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to reflect on the year we’ve had. At Eyewear Experts, we’ve had the pleasure of caring for many customers, young and old, this year, and we’d like to extend our thanks to every one of you who’ve placed your trust in our team.

This year has been a remarkable journey and your continued support has helped our clinic to grow. We’re honoured to have provided you and your family with eye exams and eyewear throughout the year.

To ensure your eye health and comfort this holiday season, consider these important eyecare tips.

Protect Your Eyes

Winter activities can be hard on your eyes. Whether its bright UV rays on a sunny winter day, glare from the snow, or dry indoor air, wearing appropriate eyewear can shield your eyes from harsh light and maintain safe moisture levels.

Update Your Prescriptions

Make sure your eyewear prescriptions are up to date to ensure optimal vision and comfort during the holiday season. This ensures you don’t subject yourself to long waits for vision testing and eye exams during holiday closures and busier seasons.

Keep up With Eye Exams

The holiday season is a great time to schedule eye exams for children and adults. With time off work and school, fitting eye exams into your schedule should be much easier.

Book Your Holiday Appointments at Eyewear Experts

At Eyewear Experts, we remain dedicated to providing you with exceptional eyecare and the latest in eyewear technology. Our one-hour lab can help you find the perfect eyewear and get you back to your day fast.

We look forward to serving you and your family during the holiday season and beyond. Thank you for trusting us with your eyecare needs!

Contact us today to book your holiday appointment.

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