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Is Your Glasses Prescription Up-to-Date? Signs You Might Need a Change

A lot can change in a year; your eye prescription is no exception. People often tend to believe that once they have completed an eye exam and received their glasses, they’re set for a number of years. When, in fact, your eye prescription can change over the course of one year. 

If you’re noticing some changes in your vision and health, this can be very easy to ignore and chalk up to “an off day,” when the culprit could be your prescription. In this article, we’ll cover the warning signs that you’re eye prescription may be outdated.

How Often Do Eye Prescriptions Change?

When it comes to how often eye prescriptions change, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly. On average, a person’s eye prescription can change between once a year and once every three years. Every individual is unique, and their eye health is influenced heavily by what kind of eyecare routines they have in place. 

Some people might experience a change in their prescription once every two years, while someone else with an eye condition might have more frequent changes. The best way to catch any changes in your eye prescription is through routine eyecare and eye exams. 

Signs Your Eye Prescription Needs To Be Updated 

Frequent Headaches 

One of the earliest signs that you need to change your prescription is frequent headaches. Outdated prescriptions can cause eye strain. This is because your eyes have to overcompensate and work harder to see through the incorrect lens. 

Other indicators of eye strain include: 

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Irritated eyes 
  • Double vision

For nearsighted people, the headaches tend to be in the front of the head or right above the eyebrows. On the other hand, farsighted individuals tend to experience headaches after looking at objects closely for an extended period of time. If you are experiencing these kinds of headaches, it’s best to book an eye exam.

Excessive Squinting 

If you have begun squinting much more than usual, this is an obvious indicator you’re not seeing well. When people squint their eyes, it allows a smaller amount of light into their eyes, usually resulting in more focus and clarity.  However, constant squinting can put significant strain on your eyes, which can worsen vision problems. 

While squinting can temporarily help you see better, it shouldn’t be happening while wearing glasses. Additionally, paying particular attention to the time of day the squinting happens is important. If you find you squint more at night, it’s essential to book an eye exam immediately, as this can be an indication of a more serious eye condition. 

Blurred Vision

Blurry vision is one of the most apparent signs that you need a new prescription. Blurry vision can come in many different forms. It’s not always a sudden and noticeable change. It can also gradually worsen as your prescription becomes more outdated.

 One facet of blurry vision that can confuse some people is if only one eye is blurry while the other is fine. It’s super common for your eyes to have different prescriptions. Any changes in your vision should always warrant your booking an eye exam. Blurry vision can also be a signal for other eye conditions like cataracts that need more extensive eyecare and treatment. 

Tired, Achy Eyes

Eye fatigue is another symptom of eye strain. If you’re struggling to see objects around you clearly, your eyes will work harder to compensate. This leads to them becoming tired and achy more easily. Additionally, this kind of eye fatigue will be constant and persistent. 

Eye fatigue caused by incorrect prescription differs from eye fatigue due to lack of sleep, colds or the flu, and allergies. These examples would only cause a temporary strain. If you’re experiencing eye fatigue that persists for more than two to three days, chances are your prescription is the culprit. 

Light Sensitivity

If bright lights, either from indoor sources or the sun, are making you squint, cover your eyes, or even make you shut them completely, it’s best to book an eye exam. Although this doesn’t always mean your prescription is out of date, it does mean some underlying issues need to be addressed. 

Light sensitivity can indicate the following: 

  • Your eyes are straining and working overtime 
  • An eye infection
  • Other vision conditions

Let Eyewear Experts Help You Keep An Eye On Your Eye Prescription

The best way to prevent these above issues is by ensuring you routinely book eye exams to help monitor your eye prescription as it changes. Here at Eyewear Experts, we specialize in helping our clients see clearly and live their lives comfortably. We offer comprehensive eye exams that are tailored to your individual needs. Our technicians understand the importance of having both regular eye exams and routine eyecare. 

If you’ve noticed a change in your vision, it’s time for an eye exam. Contact us to book an appointment, or come on into one of our Red Deer eyecare clinics today!

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