Eye Exam for Contact Lenses

Switching to Contact Lenses? Keep Your Eyes Healthy With a Contact Lens Eye Exam

If you’ve decided to start wearing contact lenses, it’s important to schedule a contact lens eye exam with your optician. These exams help you ensure a comfortable fit and effective vision correction.

What’s Different About Contact Lens Eye Exams?

Many elements of a contact lens-specific eye exam are the same as a traditional eye exam; however, the addition of measurements to help determine the shape and size of your eye make the contact lens eye exam a necessity – especially for first-time wearers.

Measurements Taken in a Contact Lens Eye Exam

During your exam, your optician will take several measurements:

  • Cornea: Your cornea is measured using a keratometer, which analyzes light reflections from your cornea and helps to determine the curvature of the front surface of your eye.
  • Pupil: The optician will measure your pupil to determine the shape and size, which helps them choose which type of contact lenses you should wear.
  • Iris: Once the iris is measured, this number is used along with the pupil measurement to help determine the type of coloured lenses you could wear, should that be something you choose.

At Eyewear Experts, each of these measurements are taken using the state-of-the-art Vision R-700 digital eye testing system.

Other Elements of Your Contact Lens Eye Exam

During a contact lens eye exam, your optician will also analyze your ability to produce tears to ensure that your eyes can keep contact lenses moist, as well as the overall health of your cornea. These tests are conducted to ensure you’re able to safely wear contact lenses without damaging your eyes.

Additional Benefits of a Contact Lens Eye Exam

In addition to ensuring your eyes are healthy enough for contact lenses and obtaining eye measurements, a contact lens eye exam helps you and your optician select the right type and brand of contact lenses for your eyes.

For children and seniors aged 65 and older, it’s best to have a contact lens eye exam annually, while adults aged 19 to 64 with healthy eyes can get away with a contact lens eye exam every two years.

To schedule your contact lens eye exam in Red Deer, contact us today.

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