Progressive Lenses for Vision

The Benefits of Progressive Lenses and How They Can Protect Your Vision

As we age, it can become more difficult to see objects clearly. In fact, after age 50, most people notice a mild decline in vision, with difficulties focusing while reading or viewing objects in close range. Thankfully, progressive lenses can make it easier to focus on objects both close up and far away.

What Are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are designed to help individuals with presbyopia— the gradual loss of one’s ability to focus on nearby objects. Similar to bifocal lenses, progressives help wearers view objects that are near and far away without having to change glasses. However, these lenses don’t have visible lines and instead feature three focal distances: far, intermediate, and near.

Progressives vs. Bifocals: What’s the Difference?

The primary difference between progressive lenses and bifocals is the focal points. While bifocals typically have two visibly marked focal points within a single lens, progressives include three unique focal points: distance vision at the top, intermediate vision in the middle, and near vision at the bottom. This helps to reduce vision issues and symptoms of presbyopia, leading to a more comfortable field of vision.

The Benefits of Wearing Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are the best choice when it comes to maintaining optimal vision at various distances. They provide a seamless transition between different prescriptions, ensuring that even when one is both nearsighted and living with presbyopia, they’re able to see using only one pair of lenses. Furthermore, they reduce the chances of image jump, which occurs when an object appears displaced while viewing through bifocal lenses.

Thanks to the convenience of wearing just one pair of glasses to manage multiple vision problems, users are less likely to experience eye strain. Ultimately, this protects the eyes from rapid deterioration and delays the need for prescription changes.

Progressive Lenses in Red Deer, Alberta

Aging eyes may require more than just a single eyeglass prescription. Progressive lenses make it easier for those with multiple vision needs, such as nearsightedness and presbyopia, to view objects at varying distances with a single pair of glasses.

At Eyewear Experts, our opticians provide comprehensive eye examinations with prescriptions ready in as little as one hour. Trust our team to help you find the perfect pair of progressive lenses so you can see clearly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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