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Children's Eye Test

Clear Vision For a Bright Future: August is Cataract Awareness & Youth’s Eye Health Month

August brings not only sunny days but also a vital reminder to take care of...

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Canada Flag

Protect Your Vision: Tips for a Sun-Safe Canada Day Celebration

Every year on July 1st, Canadians from coast to coast gather to celebrate our nation's...

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Woman Using Her Laptop With Glasses

Why You Should Choose Computer Glasses for Better Vision

Did you know that internet traffic has increased by a whopping 60%? This means that...

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Two Girls Enjoy The Party With Sun Glasses

Hottest Sunglasses Trends of the Season

Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses does more than protect your eyes from the sun;...

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Young Pose With Glasses

Latest Eyewear Trends to Revamp Your Look in 2023

A whopping 74% of Canadians require some form of vision correction. Eyewear isn't anything to...

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